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At FIB Industries, our welding school is the heartbeat of our dedication to nurturing continuous learning and advancing expertise. Nestled within our production facility, we’ve crafted a unique space dedicated to practical welding training, featuring three specially designed spots. Here, our team members, old and new, engage in hands-on learning, honing their skills to secure various welding certifications.

Led by one of our seasoned master welders, the training combines practical lessons with real-world scenarios. Complementing this, our quality service and welding technology department, under the guidance of a welding expert, delivers the theoretical knowledge necessary for a well-rounded understanding. This program is an open gateway for both our existing staff and emerging talent, reflecting our commitment to fostering growth and nurturing new skills.

We take particular pride in our cooperation with regional educational institutions, to provide work-study programs for technical students (such as BBL), a testament to our investment in the future of the industry. Many students have flourished under our guidance, starting with TIG/MIG welding and progressing to more advanced techniques. This training is not just about techniques; it includes practical welding on specific projects, ensuring our trainees are battle-ready for the demands of the real world.




At FIB Industries, we believe in empowering our production workers with wide-ranging skills, making them adaptable and proficient in multiple facets of our operation. This strategy not only bolsters their individual growth but also fortifies the collective strength of our team. With a culture that encourages mentorship, our junior members work closely with experienced colleagues, benefiting from a rich learning environment.

By broadly educating our production team, FIB Industries enhances its flexibility and reduces reliance on individual expertise. Our welding school is more than just a training facility; it’s a hub of knowledge, skill, and collaborative growth, shaping the future of welding expertise in the industry.


Are you ready to be part of a team that values learning and development? Are you eager to grow your skills in an environment that supports and challenges you? Join FIB Industries, where your career in welding is not just a job, but a journey of continuous learning and professional growth.