FIB Industries - Manufacturing stainless steel and hi alloy process equipment


Experience precision and efficiency with FIB Industries—your partner in transforming raw materials into high-quality, durable products through expert manufacturing.

At FIB Industries, our manufacturing competence is the culmination of over 75 years of dedication and expertise. As a comprehensive one-stop shop, we bring a full spectrum of quality services together under one roof. From the very start of the design process to the final product, our in-house management of design, fabrication, cutting, welding, and building guarantees unmatched quality and efficiency. Our strength is amplified by our vast network of specialized mechanical operations and our collaborations with expert partners, ensuring swift turnaround times and clear, direct communication. As specialists in machining challenging stainless steel materials, we expertly handle high-quality stainless steel types, meeting the most rigorous specifications. Our cladding expertise also allows us to enhance the quality and durability of products by welding superior materials onto existing ones, working with complex materials like cobalt alloy and stellite.

Are you ready to experience the pinnacle of precision engineering and quality manufacturing? Contact FIB Industries today and embark on a journey where your visions are transformed into exceptional realities. Let’s collaborate to create something extraordinary.

FIB Industries - Manufacturing stainless steel and hi alloy process equipment


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FIB Industries is built on tackling complex challenges with our extensive competencies in engineering and manufacturing. If you’re wondering whether our expertise can help overcome your project hurdles, we’re eager to dive in. Get in touch to explore  what we can achieve together. 

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In today’s fiercely competitive industrial landscape, manufacturers face a pressing challenge: meeting escalating production goals while navigating the risks of unexpected equipment failures. This dangerous combination isn’t just about missed production targets; it’s a direct hit to economic objectives.

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