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At FIB Industries, engineering excellence meets innovative design, where complex challenges are solved with precision and a customer-centric approach.

Embarking on an engineering journey with FIB Industries means tapping into a world where expertise and capacity converge. Our expansive division, equipped with six highly skilled engineers, is dedicated to managing large-scale projects effortlessly.

At the heart of our operation are experienced constructors and mechanical engineers, adept at navigating the complexities of plate thickness, maximum load calculations, and more. We leverage advanced tools like Inventor software to bring precision to every design.

Our approach is customer-centric and independent. We pride ourselves on being a self-sufficient entity that thrives without the need for external interactions, aligning closely with our customers’ and partners requirements. Our agility in turning verbal agreements into rapid action is a hallmark of our commitment to efficiency and decisiveness.

We are a hub for assembly and welding constructions, boasting in-house capabilities for hydro testing. Our supply chain management, underpinned by our Total Responsibility System (TRS), effectively covers all aspects from material procurement to external processing, testing, and reworking.

3D design is another area of our proficiency, where we often engage in joint endeavors with our partners’ technical and engineering teams. This collaborative approach fosters a direct and fruitful interaction, resonating with our ethos of exploration and pursuit of engineering innovation.

Are you ready to embark on an engineering journey defined by expertise, efficiency, and collaborative innovation? Reach out to FIB Industries today and let’s forge a path to engineering excellence together.

Engineering - FIB Industries


Ready to elevate your project with FIB Industries’ expertise? Our team is here to listen and collaborate, ensuring your needs are met with precision and innovation. Reach out through our contact form below to begin our journey together  – let’s create something remarkable together.

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FIB Industries is built on tackling complex challenges with our extensive competencies in engineering and manufacturing. If you’re wondering whether our expertise can help overcome your project hurdles, we’re eager to dive in. Get in touch to explore  what we can achieve together. 

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