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Discover FIB's crystallizers: Precision crafted for superior crystallization processes.

At FIB Industries, we specialize in designing and manufacturing custom crystallizers tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Whether your crystallizer is a standalone system or part of a larger operation, we can configure it to fit any industry application.

With options for both horizontal and vertical crystallizers and a variety of heating and cooling methods, we ensure optimal efficiency for each unique application. Our equipment, certified under international standards and made from high-quality materials like stainless steel and high Ni-Alloys, is ideal for sectors such as chemicals, food & pharmaceuticals, and water treatment. Trust FIB Industries for your crystallization system needs, where precision engineering meets operational excellence.

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In today’s fiercely competitive industrial landscape, manufacturers face a pressing challenge: meeting escalating production goals while navigating the risks of unexpected equipment failures. This dangerous combination isn’t just about missed production targets; it’s a direct hit to economic objectives.

– Evaporative Crystallizers: These utilize heat to evaporate the solvent, reducing the solution’s volume and leading to the saturation necessary for crystal formation. They are particularly effective in processing high-boiling solvents and concentrated waste streams.

– Cooling Crystallizers: By lowering the temperature of the solution, these crystallizers reduce the solubility of the dissolved material, prompting it to crystallize out. This method is often used in industries where temperature-sensitive materials are handled.

– Reactive Crystallizers: These introduce a reactant to the solution to initiate a chemical reaction that results in supersaturation and subsequent crystallization. This type is ideal for processes where precise control over crystal formation is needed.

FIB Industries designs and manufactures these types of crystallizers, tailored to meet the specific requirements of each application. Our crystallizers are known for their efficiency and reliability, ranging from basic skid-mounted units to comprehensive, turn-key systems. FIB Industries’ crystallizers ensure optimal crystal size distribution and purity, enhancing operational efficiency and product quality in any setting.
Industrial crystallizers are essential for chemical processing, offering efficient and low-energy separation of solids from liquids to achieve high-purity products. We distinguish the following industrial crystallizers:

– Forced-Circulation Crystallizers: Ideal for producing salts and chemicals, ensuring uniform mixing and optimal crystal formation.

– Draft Tube Baffle (DTB) Crystallizers: Perfect for applications requiring precise crystal size control, commonly used in the production of ammonium sulfate and organic compounds.

– Surface-cooled crystallizers: Best suited for handling solutions with high boiling points or those requiring extremely low temperatures.

– Vacuum Crystallizers: Designed for processes needing low temperatures, available in continuous or batch setups for flexibility.

– Scraped Surface Crystallizers: A cost-effective option for small-scale crystallization of melts.

At FIB Industries, we provide not just equipment but complete crystallization solutions that enhance efficiency and product quality in your operations. Discover how our custom-engineered crystallizers can transform your production processes.
For effective crystallization in industrial applications, specific equipment is essential to ensure optimal process conditions and high-quality product output. The main equipment required includes:

– Crystallizer Vessel: Acts as the core component, providing the necessary volume for the process and allowing for proper vapor disengagement.

– Circulation Pump: Ensures adequate flow rates to maintain optimal supersaturation and superheating conditions within the crystallizer, typically using axial-flow propeller pumps.

– Heat Exchanger: Delivers the necessary thermal energy for achieving the desired evaporation rate, critical for the crystallization process.

– Interconnecting Piping: Integrates all components of the crystallization system, ensuring seamless process flow and efficiency.

Additional equipment that supports the crystallization process includes:

Flash vessels/separators, calandrias, vapor-liquid separators, heaters, condensers, vacuum pumps, discharge pumps, demisters, evaporation chambers, electric cabinets, working platforms, various pipes, valves, vessels, and skids.

At FIB Industries, we specialize in providing comprehensive turnkey solutions for your crystallization needs. As a head contractor, we can manage the entire project from design to installation, unburdening clients and ensuring that each component integrates flawlessly for superior operational performance. Whether you need a single piece of equipment or a complete setup, FIB Industries is your trusted partner in achieving efficient and effective crystallization processes.
Crystallization is crucial in various industries, notably in pharmaceuticals, where it forms pharmaceutical solids for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) development, optimizing particle size and shape for drug effectiveness. It’s also vital in the food industry, where substances like lactose are crystallized for consumption, and in petrochemicals, to prevent unwanted crystallization in pipelines.

FIB Industries excels in designing, manufacturing, and supplying specialized crystallization equipment tailored to these diverse needs. Our technology ensures efficient and high-quality crystallization processes, enhancing product safety and effectiveness across industries.
Crystallizers are typically made from materials that can withstand harsh chemical environments, ensuring durability and longevity in industrial applications. These materials include:

– Stainless steel varieties: Including grades like 6MO, 254SMO, and series 1.43xx, 1.44xx, 1.45xx, 1.49xx, which are known for their excellent corrosion resistance and strength.

– Duplex and super duplex stainless steels: Known for their high strength and excellent resistance to corrosion and stress corrosion cracking, suitable for demanding applications.

– Lean duplex: Offers similar benefits to standard duplex but at a lower cost and with good weldability.

– SAF 2507: A super duplex stainless steel that provides exceptional strength and resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion.

– High nickel alloys: Ideal for their exceptional corrosion resistance and ability to perform under extreme temperatures.

At FIB Industries, we specialize in supplying crystallizer equipment crafted from these high-quality materials, ensuring that our products meet the rigorous demands of the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries, among others. Our expertise in advanced materials engineering allows us to provide crystallizers that offer superior performance, reliability, and safety. Contact FIB Industries today to learn how our custom-engineered solutions can meet your specific crystallization needs.
Crystallizers are specialized devices used in industries to facilitate the crystallization process, where solids form with highly organized atomic or molecular structures, known as crystals. This process typically involves two major steps:

1. Nucleation: This initial phase involves the formation of a crystalline phase from a supercooled liquid or a supersaturated solvent. It marks the beginning of the crystal formation where the conditions are set to encourage the emergence of small crystal nuclei.

2. Crystal Growth: Following nucleation, the crystal growth phase increases the size of these particles, enhancing the structure into a more defined crystal state. During this step, loose particles attach themselves to the crystal’s surface, integrating into any imperfections like pores or cracks, thereby enlarging and solidifying the crystal’s form.

Crystallizers operate by controlling environmental factors critical to crystal formation, such as temperature, air pressure, cooling rate, and, in the case of liquid crystals, the rate of fluid evaporation. These controlled conditions optimize both nucleation and crystal growth, ensuring the production of high-quality crystals tailored to specific industrial needs.

At FIB Industries, we supply state-of-the-art crystallizer equipment designed to support and enhance these complex processes. Our crystallizers are built with precision engineering, ensuring optimal performance in a variety of industrial applications, from pharmaceuticals to chemicals and more. Whether you need to control the size, shape, or purity of your crystals, FIB Industries has the expertise and technology to deliver superior crystallization solutions. Reach out to learn more about how our equipment can integrate into your production processes and improve efficiency and output quality.
Crystallization and distillation are two distinct separation techniques utilized in various industries, each serving unique purposes and utilizing different processes.

Crystallization focuses on purifying solid compounds. This technique involves dissolving the compound in a solvent at a high temperature to create a solution. As the solution cools or evaporates, crystals form, capturing the pure compound from impurities. This method is particularly valuable in industries like pharmaceuticals, food processing, and chemicals, where precision and purity are crucial.

Distillation, on the other hand, is used to separate liquid mixtures based on differences in boiling points. The process involves heating the mixture until the more volatile components vaporize. These vapors are then condensed back into liquid form, effectively separating the components. Distillation is essential in the petrochemical industry for refining crude oil, as well as in the production of alcoholic beverages and the purification of chemicals in laboratories.

At FIB Industries, we specialize in designing and manufacturing advanced equipment tailored for both crystallization and distillation processes. Our state-of-the-art solutions cater to a broad range of applications, ensuring high efficiency and optimal separation quality. Whether your operation requires the precise purification of solid compounds through crystallization or the effective separation of liquid mixtures via distillation, FIB Industries delivers reliable and innovative systems to enhance your production efficiency and product quality. Reach out to discover how our equipment can be integrated into your processes to drive superior results.
Crystallization and evaporation are two fundamental processes widely used across various industries, each serving unique purposes through distinct mechanisms.

Evaporation is the process where a liquid is transformed into vapor without reaching its boiling point. This transformation occurs as the liquid’s surface molecules gain enough energy to escape into the gas phase. Evaporation is primarily utilized to separate solvents from solutes, aiding in processes like distillation and the concentration of solutions. It plays a crucial role in industries such as chemical production, wastewater treatment, and in the drying of solids.

Crystallization, on the other hand, is a specialized technique where solid crystals are formed from a solution, melt, or more rarely, directly from a gas. As the solution cools or evaporates, the solute particles arrange themselves into a highly ordered and repeating lattice, transitioning into a solid crystalline state. This process is not only essential for separation but also for the purification of substances, making it vital in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and food products where purity is paramount.

At FIB Industries, we excel in designing and providing top-tier equipment for both evaporation and crystallization processes. Our solutions are tailored to enhance operational efficiency and optimize product quality in various sectors, including pharmaceuticals, food processing, and chemical manufacturing. Whether you need to efficiently remove solvents through evaporation or produce high-purity crystals via crystallization, FIB Industries offers the expertise and technology to deliver superior processing capabilities. Explore how our advanced systems can integrate into your production line to boost productivity and achieve optimal results. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs.
Crystallizers are indispensable tools in various industrial sectors, each designed to optimize specific processes essential for producing high-purity, high-quality products. FIB Industries excels in providing advanced crystallizer equipment tailored to these diverse applications, ensuring efficiency and precision across numerous fields.

– Pharmaceutical Industry: Crystallizers are crucial in pharmaceutical manufacturing, where they are used to purify and isolate active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). This process ensures the production of pure, high-quality medicinal compounds, critical for effective drug formulations.

– Chemical Industry: In the chemical sector, crystallizers facilitate the production of a wide array of chemicals including salts, acids, and specialty chemicals. This equipment plays a pivotal role in ensuring the purity and quality of these products, making them suitable for various applications.

– Food and Beverage Industry: Crystallization is essential in food processing, particularly in the production of sugar, salt, and other key ingredients. This process guarantees that consumables meet the high standards required for consumer safety and quality.

– Wastewater Treatment: Evaporative crystallizers are particularly valuable in wastewater treatment applications. They concentrate dissolved salts, aiding in the efficient and environmentally friendly removal of impurities, thus supporting sustainable practices in industrial operations.

– Mining Industry: Utilized in the mining industry, crystallizers help extract and purify minerals by separating valuable components from ores through crystal formation.

At FIB Industries, we are committed to enhancing these processes with our state-of-the-art crystallizers, engineered to meet the specific needs of each industry we serve. Our expertise in crafting customized solutions allows us to support our clients in achieving operational excellence and superior product quality. Whether you are involved in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food production, or environmental management, FIB Industries provides reliable and innovative crystallization technologies to advance your production capabilities. Contact us to explore how our crystallizer systems can be integrated into your operations to drive efficiency and success.
Designing crystallizers involves a meticulous process that is crucial for ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of crystallization in various industries. At FIB Industries, we specialize in customizing crystallizer systems tailored to meet the unique requirements of our clients’ operations, encompassing pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food processing, and more. Here’s how crystallizers are typically designed:

– Basic Data Collection: This initial step involves gathering all necessary data about the feed material, including its chemical properties and behavior in different conditions. This foundational knowledge supports all subsequent design decisions.

– Supersaturation Method Selection: Choosing the right method to generate supersaturation—such as cooling, evaporation, or chemical reaction—is critical. This choice depends on the nature of the solution and the desired crystal properties.

– Operation Mode Determination: Deciding between batch or continuous operation modes is crucial. This choice affects the scalability, control, and consistency of the crystallization process.

– Equipment Selection: Based on the supersaturation method and operation mode, specific crystallization equipment is selected to match the precise needs of the process, ensuring optimal performance.

– Bench and Pilot Scale Testing: Before full-scale implementation, crystallizers are tested on a smaller scale. These tests validate the design under controlled conditions and provide insights into potential adjustments for scaling up.

– Full-scale Design: Integrating all the insights from earlier stages, the final crystallizer design is completed, focusing on flow configuration, heat and mass transfer, and hydrodynamics. These factors are critical in predicting and controlling crystal size, shape, purity, and the overall efficiency of the crystallizer.

At FIB Industries, our expertise in crystallizer design is backed by a deep understanding of these principles, combined with state-of-the-art technology and innovative engineering. We provide comprehensive solutions, from initial design through to installation and maintenance, ensuring that our crystallizers meet the highest standards of performance and reliability. Whether you require a system for a new facility or need to upgrade an existing process, FIB Industries is equipped to deliver superior crystallizer designs that enhance your production capabilities and product quality. Contact us to find out how we can assist in optimizing your crystallization processes.
The Mixed-suspension, Mixed-Product-Removal (MSMPR) crystallizer is a highly efficient and robust system used predominantly for large-scale inorganic crystallization. This advanced crystallizer type is integral to industries requiring precise control over crystal formation, particularly where product consistency and purity are paramount.

In an MSMPR system, a saturated solution enters a crystallization chamber filled with crystals, and an equal flow exits, carrying crystals that have formed within the chamber. This process relies on perfect mixing conditions within the crystallizer, which prevents crystal breakage, build-ups on surfaces, and ensures uniform crystal size and quality.

The MSMPR crystallizer operates on straightforward principles that yield clear outcomes. It simplifies the complexities of crystallization through a set of basic equations that predict the size, shape, purity, and population density of the resulting crystals. These crystallizers are particularly valued for their ability to achieve predictable results, making them ideal for scaling up operations without sacrificing quality.

FIB Industries is committed to providing top-tier MSMPR crystallizer equipment that meet the specific needs of our clients. Whether your focus is on pharmaceuticals, chemicals, or any other sector requiring reliable crystallization processes, our MSMPR crystallizer equipment is engineered to enhance your production capability. With FIB Industries, you gain a partner who understands the intricacies of crystallization, equipped to deliver equipment that integrates seamlessly into your production line for optimal results.

Explore how our MSMPR crystallizers can transform your manufacturing processes by contacting FIB Industries today. Let us help you achieve superior crystallization efficiency and product quality with our expertly designed systems.
Crystallizers are essential tools in various industrial processes, designed to efficiently separate liquids into high-purity solid crystals with minimal energy input. At FIB Industries, we specialize in providing advanced crystallizers tailored to meet the specific needs of diverse sectors. Here’s a look at some of the main types of industrial crystallizers we offer:

– Evaporative crystallizers: These systems leverage the process of solvent evaporation to achieve supersaturation, initiating nucleation followed by crystal growth. FIB Industries offers two primary types of evaporative crystallizers: Draft Tube Crystallizers and Submerged Circulating Crystallizers, each designed to optimize the crystallization process for various industrial applications.

– Oslo crystallizers: Known for their fluidized bed crystallization technique, Oslo crystallizers are effective in keeping the crystal bed in motion using an external axial pump. This design minimizes clogging and incorporates a self-cleaning mechanism, significantly reducing maintenance needs and enhancing operational efficiency.

– Vacuum crystallizers: Ideal for both continuous and batch processes, vacuum crystallizers are particularly prevalent in applications where precise control over the crystallization environment is necessary. By maintaining a vacuum, these systems facilitate the growth of crystals under optimal conditions, preventing unwanted deposits on equipment walls.

– Cooling crystallizers: These crystallizers operate by indirectly transferring heat under vacuum conditions, making them suitable for processes where solubility is temperature-dependent. Cooling crystallizers are highly effective in precipitating solids from a solution through controlled cooling, which leads to the formation of pure crystals.

At FIB Industries, we understand the critical role crystallizers play in your production processes. Our state-of-the-art designs ensure efficient operation, high yield, and consistent product quality. Whether you’re involved in the pharmaceutical, chemical, or food and beverage industries, our crystallizers are engineered to enhance your production capabilities and meet stringent quality standards.

To explore our range of crystallizer equipment and find out how we can assist with your project, contact us directly. At FIB Industries, we are committed to delivering superior crystallization solutions that drive success in your industrial applications.