In an emotional and historic week for FIB Industries, the company bid farewell to three of its most esteemed and longest-serving employees: Ronnie Lorist, Hans van der Sluis, and Klaas Boomsma. Their retirement marks the end of an era, totaling nearly 130 years of combined experience and dedication to the firm, a milestone that FIB Industries believes could be recognized by the “Guinness World Records” for extraordinary collective service.
FIB Industries - bids farewell to 3 icons

Ronnie Lorist, Hans van der Sluis, and Klaas Boomsma are not just employees but have been part of the backbone of FIB Industries for decades. Their expertise and commitment have significantly contributed to the company’s success and reputation in the industry.

Hans van der Sluis, a master welding technician, has been instrumental in advancing FIB’s manufacturing capabilities through his unparalleled skill and precision. His work has ensured the highest quality of products, setting industry standards and fostering innovation within the company.

Klaas Boomsma, the housekeeping service concierge, has been the heart of FIB Industries, ensuring the operational environment was always at its best. His dedication to maintaining a clean, safe, and efficient workspace has been vital in creating a positive and productive work atmosphere for all employees.

Ronnie Lorist, an exceptional welder/assembler, has been crucial in bringing FIB’s engineering visions to life. His meticulous attention to detail and mastery of complex assemblies have been key in delivering projects that meet and exceed client expectations.

Passing the torch: FIB’s commitment to innovation and excellence continues

The retirement of these three icons poses challenges for FIB Industries, as their shoes are large to fill. However, the company remains optimistic about the future, confident in its ability to attract new talent to continue the legacy built by Ronnie, Hans, and Klaas.

FIB Industries extends its deepest gratitude to these three individuals for their years of service, dedication, and the profound impact they have had on the company and the industry as a whole. As they step into their retirement years, FIB wishes them well, hoping they enjoy the fruits of their labor in the years to come.

Their departure is not just the end of a chapter for FIB Industries but also a moment to reflect on the importance of dedication, skill, and the human element in shaping the success of a company. FIB is committed to honoring its legacy by continuing to lead in innovation, quality, and service in the industry.

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