Safety & quality

Ultra modern plasma cutting and welding robot

The professionalism and expertise in FIB Industries' manufacturing process spearheads the organisation. Work is smart and precise due to extensive knowledge of materials. An extra dimension was added recently: an ultra modern plasma cutting and welding robot, unique in the Netherlands. This robot enables fully automated cutting and welding of connections in dished heads and cylinders. It is controlled by software that derives its data directly from the 3D design drawings. Errors are minimized and strict dimensional tolerances are the result. This enables FIB to carry out highly efficient serial production runs.


Specifications made to measure

The quality of FIB products starts with the quality of the consultation and the engineering. The project leaders, engineers and planners are very closely involved from the beginning to the end of every project, whether it's large or small, straightforward or complex. And they approach each project with the appropriate level headedness. They possess an outstanding knowledge of manufacturing technology for stainless and alloy steels and know what is required by different industries and processes. Customer specifications are ingeniously converted into products that are fit for purpose, meet code requirements and are "manufacturable". Detailengineering, resistence calculations etc. are executed by advanced calculation/drawing software such as Finite Element Analysis and 3D AutoCAD.