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Complex equipment: a critical part of a process installation

Complex equipment often forms a critical part of a process installation. Examples of critical equipment are:

·         Typical equipment: pressure vessels, columns, flare installations and storage tanks.

·         Special equipment: gasification burners and low-NOx burners, air intake and outlet systems for gas turbines, DeNoX modules and hydro-processing reactor internals. 



Throughout the world, FIB installs customized stainless steel and high-alloy products, which are vital components of technically complex installations. The products are made from materials such as:

·         Types of stainless steel: 6MO; 254SMO; 1.43xx; 1.44xx; 1.45xx; 1.49xx

·         Duplex: Duplex; Super Duplex; Lean Duplex LDX; SAF 2507

·         Titanium: as a solid material or as cladding in grades 2, 3, 5 and 9

·         Other