Spare Parts

FIB Industries has been a Shell contractor since 2003 for the manufacture and supply of parts for Reactor Internals to Shell and its affiliates. Over 240 reactors have been fitted with Reactor Internals manufactured by FIB Industries on over 100 sites all over the world. To guarantee optimum performance over the life of the internals, FIB offers an extensive package of Spare Parts. These Spare Parts are produced for customers as a custom package, based on the original design of the internals.


In addition to this activity FIB Industries has also been a Shell contractor since the 1990s for the manufacture and supply of gasification burners to Shell and its affiliates. FIB meanwhile has delivered more than 300 burners for Shell on four different continents. FIB conducts an active policy of repairing or modifying these burners and if required can supply custom work relating to Spare Parts. 



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