Design options

Designed for temperature or pressure cycles

Support by skirts, brackets or support rings

Internal heating or cooling with spiral coil

External heating or cooling with a half-pipe coil, double jacket or dimple jacket

Inside polished to Ra < 0.2 μm

As an option the reactor can be delivered with pre-installed ladders, platforms, insulation, internals, mixers and pre-assembled instrumentation, valves and cabling



Design codes: ASME Section VIII Division 1 and 2, AD 2000, EN 13445, PD 5500

Software: PV-Elite, Nozzlepro, Autopipe (incl. FEA Analysis)

Fatigue and stress calculations for pressure and temperature cycles

Calculation of seismic and wind loads according to local requirements



Oil & Gas Refining, ChemicalsFood & Pharmaceuticals, Water Treatment and other sectors