FIB Industries joins EGCSA for its Marine Scrubber business


FIB Industries is proud to announce it has joined the EGCSA (Exhaust Gas Cleaning System Association) to grow the Marine Scrubber business in support of the Global Maritime Sector.


The International Maritime Organization (IMO) - the United Nations specialized agency with responsibility for the safety and security of shipping - has set a global limit for sulphur in fuel oil used on board ships of 0.50% m/m (mass by mass) from 1 January 2020. This regulation is to control airborne emissions from ships (sulphur oxides (SOx), nitrogen oxides (NOx), ozone depleting substances (ODS), volatile organic compounds (VOC) and shipboard incineration as a contribution to local and global air pollution, human health issues and environmental problems.


Marine Scrubbers FIB Leeuwarden The Netherlands


FIB Industries is ready to support the unprecedented high demand in Marine Scrubber Systems with its unique and highly skilled manufacturing capacity for scrubber towers and related process, sludge and holding tanks.


FIB Industries is participating in the global effort to support the Maritime Sector and the Marine Scrubber System manufacturers by joining SMM 2018 in Hamburg Germany, Asian Sulphur Cap 2020 Conference in Singapore, EGCSA workshops in London UK and other industry events.


For further information regarding FIB Industries’ marine portfolio and related products, please contact our application manager for Marine Scrubbers: Vittorio Stanco tel +31-58-2945945 

or by email at



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