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The sales office of Gouda and FIB in Bochum Germany, is running at full speed! Not only have they brought Gouda Vuurvast Belgium into contact with Borealis, but they have also acquired a complex piece of work for FIB Industries. For the new customer Bilfinger, an international engineering company, FIB Industries can now show what they are worth!


A large chemical producer has a heavy kneading machine in which various ingredients are mixed with brute force. The middle part of this machine is due for replacement and FIB is happy to take on this challenge. And it is certainly a challenge. There was very limited documentation available, only a drawing with main dimensions! Moreover, the existing kneading machine is still fully operational and the interior, the kneaders, and the drive of the operational machine will have to be seamlessly transferred to the new center piece. And that under great time pressure. Because you do not put such a production line for a long time.


Old and new together

Not only the complexity of the assignment makes this a real challenge. Also the dimensions are very exact and the wall thickness! There is constant contact between the parties and every two weeks there is an inspection round of TÜV, nothing is left to chance. Constantly fit and measure. Just a moment and the moment suprême breaks. Then the machine is dismantled in Germany and the heads and the lid come to Leeuwarden to be made on the new middle section. The heads and lid are then placed and the complete housing returns to the factory as the weigher. A top performance!


bilfinger germany


bilfiner germany fib industries



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