FIB Industries mostly has contact with the end user via OEMs or EPC contractors - or a combination of them.


Petrochemical industry

FIB Industries manufactures reactors, distillation columns, flare installations and heat exchangers for the petrochemical industry.

Refineries throughout the world are on FIB Industries' reference list.


Chemical industry

It does not matter whether it concerns a high-pressure or low-pressure, high-temperature or low-temperature, an abrasive and/or a corrosive medium. FIB Industries builds storage tanks, reactors and columns.



NORSOK and exotic materials, such as 6MO, are well-known to us. FIB Industries has a lot of experience building installations for drilling platforms.


Marine Exhaust Gas Scrubbers

FIB Industries supports the unprecedented high demand for Marine Scrubber systems with its unique and highly skilled production capacity for scrubber towers manufactured from high alloys. FIB Industries is affiliated with the EGCSA.


Pharmaceutical industry

The most stringent codes and guidelines apply to equipment in the pharmaceutical industry.

FIB Industries has a lot of experience in designing in cooperation with the end user as well as building for system vendors for integration in a process system. FIB Industries can deliver its products in accordance with FDA, GMP and the sanitary standards. Electropolishing is either performed in-house or is subcontracted. References are available on request.


Paper industry

The world’s largest LDX (Lean Duplex) pulper drum was built by FIB Industries. You can leave the penetration welding of more than 60 km of 20 mm Duplex sheet metal to the FIB specialists.


Food industry

FIB Industries makes products such as storage tanks and tumbler vessels mainly from stainless steel (304 or 316).