DeNox installation - FIB Industries

FIB Industries champions innovative solutions for the DeNOx industry, crafting stainless steel and high alloy reactors and equipment essential for efficient nitrogen oxide reduction. Specializing in selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology, FIB offers comprehensive systems for industrial emissions treatment, ensuring environmental compliance. As a main contractor, we can coordinate turnkey projects, from design and manufacturing to installation and maintenance, providing a single-source solution for maximum NOx abatement efficiency. Trust FIB for your DeNOx needs and experience seamless, cost-effective environmental stewardship.

Lithium Processing

the processing of lithium - FIB Industries

The demand for lithium is surging due to its critical role in producing lithium-ion batteries, essential for consumer electronics, electric vehicles, and renewable energy storage systems. As societies move away from fossil fuels, the need for efficient, renewable energy solutions is pushing the growth of the lithium market, making the extraction and processing of lithium more vital than ever.
FIB Industries supports lithium extractors and processors with essential process and pressure equipment, including stainless steel and high alloy solutions for mixing, concentrating, storing, and crystallization. Their expertise ensures safety, efficiency, and customization to meet the specific needs of the lithium extraction industry, crucial for the burgeoning lithium-ion battery market.


purification - FIB Industries

FIB Industries crafts top-tier stainless steel and high alloy equipment for the energy sector, focusing on the purification and processing of both fossil and renewable energy sources. Our products, designed for mixing, storing, or crystallization, support the sustainable production of biogas and biomethane, enhancing efficiency and environmental compliance. As the industry evolves towards greener solutions, FIB stands ready to meet the demand with innovative, durable equipment, ensuring the highest standards in renewable energy production.


process equipment for battery production - FIB Industries

FIB Industries is at the helm of revolutionizing the battery industry with its state-of-the-art stainless steel and high alloy equipment, tailored for the production of lithium batteries. Our expertise spans across crucial manufacturing processes like mixing, storing, and crystallization, ensuring efficiency and safety in battery production. As the demand for renewable energy solutions scales, FIB Industries is committed to delivering equipment that meets the rigorous needs of battery manufacturing, driving forward the transition to a more sustainable future.

Gas Turbines

stainless steel parts for gas turbines - FIB Industries

FIB Industries is pioneering the gas turbine industry with advanced stainless steel and high alloy components, including inlet volutes, exhausts, and turbine rear frames. As the demand for cleaner and more efficient energy solutions grows, FIB’s precision-engineered parts play a crucial role in optimizing gas turbine performance for industrial power generation. With a focus on enhancing efficiency and reducing emissions, FIB supports operators in transitioning to sustainable energy practices, ensuring reliability and performance at the heart of power systems.


Stainless steel equipment for electrolysis - FIB Industries

FIB Industries is at the forefront of the electrolysis industry, providing cutting-edge stainless steel and high alloy process equipment essential for carbon-free hydrogen production. Our advanced electrolyzers, suited for both small-scale and large central facilities, are key in utilizing renewable and nuclear resources for hydrogen generation. As the world moves towards reducing hydrogen production costs and emissions, FIB Industries’ technology offers a sustainable solution, aligning with global efforts for a cleaner energy future. Explore how our equipment is driving innovation in hydrogen production through electrolysis.


stainless steel equipment for bioplastic processing - FIB Industries

FIB Industries is at the forefront of the shift towards renewable materials in chemical, fuel, and plastic production. In line with the global movement away from fossil feedstocks and towards a circular economy, we specialize in manufacturing process equipment for bio-based chemicals and materials, including bioplastics. These bioplastics, produced through industrial fermentation from renewable biomass sources, are gaining traction in the market. Our state-of-the-art equipment is designed to support this growing industry, empowering manufacturers to meet sustainability goals with innovative, bio-based solutions.


FIB Industries stands at the forefront of biofuel manufacturing technology, offering a range of stainless steel and high alloy process equipment, including reactor tanks, reactor internals, and pressure vessels. Tailored for the biodiesel production process, our equipment excels in the multistep transesterification reaction, ensuring efficient and reliable biodiesel production from various feedstocks. Our products are designed to handle the intricate processes of oil drying, reaction, settling, washing, and glycerin treatment, making them a perfect fit for industries seeking low-maintenance, high-efficiency solutions. With FIB Industries, embrace the future of sustainable fuel production with equipment that’s built to last.

Waste to jet (sustainable aviation fuel) 

Gasification burners for production of sustainable aviation fuel - FIB Industries

In the era of sustainable aviation, FIB Industries is a pivotal contributor to the journey towards net-zero aviation. Specializing in the manufacture of high-grade stainless steel and alloy equipment, we provide key components for processing waste into Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). Our gasification burners and related equipment are at the forefront of transforming waste into jet fuel, supporting the global shift towards greener aviation.  

As the aviation industry navigates towards more eco-friendly solutions, FIB Industries delivers the technology necessary for efficient SAF production, ensuring a greener future in air travel.